Carpet Cleaners

Carpet cleaning machines – effective cleaning of large carpeted areas. Kärcher carpet cleaning machines economically clean large areas of carpet deep into the pile. They are suitable for conventional spray extraction as well as a new intermediate cleaning process.
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  • BRC 30/15 C

    BRC 30/15 C

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    Compact carpet cleaner for fast and economical spray extraction cleaning of small areas; also ideal for spot and interim cleaning of carpets with I-Capsolation pre-spray. Economical on areas between 200 und 800 m².
  • BRC 40/22 C

    BRC 40/22 C

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    BRAND NEW!! The BRC 40/22 C is a new carpet cleaner which provides between 30 - 60% productivity improvement in addition to reduced drying times.
  • BRC 45/45 C

    BRC 45/45 C

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    Deep and interim carpet cleaning in one machine.
  • BRC 50/70 W Bp

    BRC 50/70 W Bp

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    Battery-powered walk behind carpet cleaning machine for deep and interim cleaning. Economical use on areas to vary from 600 to 2000 m².