Cleaner & Degreasers

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  • Jaffa Clean - Degreaser & Protectant

    Jaffa Clean - Degreaser & Protectant

    £8.33 £10.00 (inc. VAT)
    Jaffa Clean has been formulated to remove dirt, grime, light grease and leave protection behind in one application. This is perfect for all engine bays, door & boot shuts and any other greasy panels/parts where light grease/oil accumulates.
  • Metalworx


    £6.66 £7.99 (inc. VAT)
    Autobrite MetalWorx is a must for all shiny wheel and exhaust enthusiasts. One of the best Metal Polishes on the market today! MetalWorx gently cleans away surface contaminants, rust, grime, tarnish and carbon making metal, chrome, brass, cast aluminium, gold, copper, alloy and any other metal surface you can clean sparkle and look like new. The paste like product enables a precise application to all surfaces. Easy on/easy off! Will not stain or mark surface. A simple and effective metal polish that will leave all metal surfaces clean and polished.